Our Team

Prestigious Hospice

Rey Santa Ana-Dent RN

With over 20 years of emergency and critical care experience,
Rey took over Prestigious Hospice with one goal in mind: to serve
the community with top-of-the-line care. Using the knowledge he
gained from working with various medical professionals, he put
together an elite team of hardworking, compassionate individuals
to carry out his vision.

Mary Jane Santa Ana-Dent RN

Administrator/Case Manager
When it comes to personalized care, no one does it better than
Mary Jane. After receiving the Geraldine Olsen Award for nursing
in 2005, she went on to work in the medical field not only as a
registered nurse, but also as a director and an administrator. She
has nearly 2 decades worth of knowledge in providing care on all
levels.She is also a part of the Hospice and Palliative Nurses
Association As the administrator, Mary Jane directly works with
patients’ families to ensure that their loved one receives
prestigious quality care.

Prestigious Hospice
Prestigious Hospice

Dr. Yangdong He MD

Medical Director
Dr.He is an American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM)
certified internist and primary care physician. He is affiliated
with San Antonio Regional Hospital, Community Hospital of
San Bernardino. He attended Gannan Medical University and
Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou in China and graduated
with honors. Dr. He completed Internal Medicine Residency
training at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. He
also received his research fellowship training at University of
Michigan at Ann Arbor, MI and published over 20 articles in
the international well known scientific journals.

Dr. Rubio Punzalan MD,

Medical Director
After earning a PhD in chemistry from Ohio State University in Columbus, Dr. Rubio received his medical degree from George Washington University in Washington, DC, and then completed a residency at UCLA Medical Center. Other accomplishments include a postdoctoral fellowship in bio-organic chemistry at the Nucleic Acid Research Center in Costa Mesa and another in clinical chemistry at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City. He is currently a member of the International Society in Stem Cell Research and has been a member of professional societies, including the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Association for Molecular Pathology, and American Society for Hematology.

Prestigious Hospice
Prestigious Hospice

Cynthia Daley LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
After obtaining her bachelors in sociology and masters in social
welfare from UCLA, Cynthia began her career as a social worker
by working in acute care hospitals. After gaining thorough
experience, she began working in hospice where she has spent
her last 5 years providing people with sincere compassion and
her extensive knowledge of the end-of-life process.

Sierra Guevara MSW

Medical Social Worker
After attending Azusa Pacific University, Sierra began her career by supporting adults in an acute hospital setting for mental health. It is after this where she found her calling as a medical social worker for hospice. During her 4 years in the field, Sierra has proved that her ability to make patients feel heard and validated is unrivaled.

Prestigious Hospice
Prestigious Hospice

Linda Cullerton PHD

With a PHD in spiritual studies and 20 years of experience under
her belt, Linda has developed a broad understanding of many
different faiths. This knowledge allows her to provide spiritual
support to those struggling with the end-of-life process. Her
vibrant energy and positive attitude make her an exceptional
spiritual counselor.

Criss Valeria Molina

Office Manager
Every office needs a manager that is highly organized and
resourceful, Criss expresses these qualities in an excellent manner. Her problem solving skills allow her to quickly dispute
any issue that is presented. Her years of experience in medical
office settings give her extensive knowledge on the hospice process.

Prestigious Hospice
Prestigious Hospice

Alma Campos LVN

Licensed Vocational Nurse
9 years of hospice experience will teach you many things, in
Alma’s case, it taught her how to provide excellent care. Her work
ethic is superb and she serves as the model to which all nurses
should strive for when caring for a patient. She brings them dignity
at the end of their life while also providing emotional support to
their loved ones. She frequently goes above and beyond for her
patients making her one of the favorites amongst families

Victoria Garcia LVN

Licensed Vocational Nurse
Growing up, Victoria was exposed to hospice care through her
grandparents. At just 13 years old, she was already helping take
care of them. This helped mold her into becoming one of the most
caring and diligent nurses on our roster. After obtaining her LVN
license from ROP Redlands, she has spent the last 5 years
honing her skills to provide excellent service to her patients.

Prestigious Hospice
Prestigious Hospice

Jose Recinos LVN

Licensed Vocational Nurse
With 6 years of hospice experience under his belt, Jose has
developed a keen understanding of proper palliative care. His
patience and optimal listening skills have made him one of the
favorites amongst families. Overall, he is a reliable and
trustworthy member of the Prestigious team.

Will Kern RN

Registered Nurse
Receiving a Daisy Award is no easy task, it is a symbol of hard
work and compassion amongst nurses. Will had only been a
nurse for 5 years when he received his, since then he has
continued to excel in his craft. His 11 years of ICU and step-down experience make him well qualified to care for any patient.

Prestigious Hospice
Prestigious Hospice

Angelo Rivera RN

Registered Nurse
Dependable, professional, and compassionate are just a few of
the words that describe Angelo. With many years of experience
working for Kaiser Permanente, he is a nursing specialist
trained to provide outstanding service. His work ethic makes
him an excellent provider of clinical care.

Michelle Meza RN

Registered Nurse
With her bachelors in nursing from Colorado Technical
University, Michelle has become an expert in clinical care. Her
18 years of nursing experience accredit her in being one of the
most knowledgeable and qualified individuals on our roster. Her
vast arsenal of skills make her an incredibly versatile nurse.

Prestigious Hospice
Prestigious Hospice

Bea Anzures LVN

Licensed Vocational Nurse
At just 9 years old, Bea found her calling to become a nurse
through helping her mom take care of her sick grandmother.
This led her to enroll in the San Bernardino School of Nursing
where she would obtain a degree in vocational nursing. With 22
years of experience behind her, Bea is more than qualified to
care for your loved one. It is her honor to care for terminally ill
patients as they transition from this life to the next.

Christina Baluyot

Certified Home Health Aide
After studying physical therapy in Manila, Christina moved to the
United States where she would become a caregiver for the
elderly. Her experience led her to obtain her CHHA license at the
Mission Career College. As health aide, Christina makes sure to
care for each patient with the utmost diligence, she is extremely
thorough and gentle.

Prestigious Hospice
Prestigious Hospice

Roselene Williams

Certified Home Health Aide
After spending a year working as a caregiver for her
grandmother under IHSS, Roselene obtained her CHHA
license. When caring for a patient, she treats them as if they
were her own family member. Her 2 years as a CHHA has
motivated her to pursue nursing in her near future.

Dennis Yuan

Certified Home Health Aide
After obtaining his CNA license from the Windsor School of
Nursing, Dennis decided to take it to the next level and secure
his CHHA license. In his 3 years of hospice experience, Dennis
has proven to be extremely dependable and reliable. He has
often gone out of his way to provide care and service for his
patients when they need it the most.

Prestigious Hospice
Prestigious Hospice

Maria Lourdes Austria

Certified Home Health Aide
Being a home health aide means so much than just giving
baths. It means compassion, dedication, and the overall
willingness to help those who cannot help themselves. Maria
exceeds in providing outstanding service to all of her patients.
Here hard working nature makes her a strong addition to any team.

Manuel Ona

Community Liaison
As the community liaison, Manuel makes it his duty to assist
all members of the prestigious hospice family. This includes
employees, patients and even family members. After receiving
his bachelors in health sciences from Cal State Fullerton, he
dove right into the field by joining Prestigious Hospice. Since
then, he has developed a strong relationship with its partners
and clients.

Prestigious Hospice